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  5. If your paper does not meet your requirements and specifications, you are eligible for a full or partial refund. You will not get money back if you have released money to the writer, as it means you accept the finished product.
  6. You have to provide strong arguments to be refunded. Your claim will be forwarded to Dispute Department, where our Dispute Manager decides your matter.
  7. Your revision request should not violate your initial requirements, otherwise, your refund claim will be declined.
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  9. If you provide untrue or not current information, Edubirdie has the right to cancel your account.
  10. You have three days to release money to the writer upon completion. Within these three days, you can send any claims concerning your order. After the 3-day period, your money will be transferred automatically and no refund is possible. Please, read carefully your paper before transferring the money.
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